At the culmination of a short twelve week art guiding course, a while back,  I was up early, clothes pressed the night before, ready to present a short talk on an artist of my choice from the Gallery collection.

REMEMBER to change into best shoes, take props, notes and keep calm.

Out to the car…. oh a little a bit chilly.

I run back for a jacket.

Return to car.

Alas I have locked the keys in the house.

Downstairs there is a ladder                     a long extension ladder

which I drag around to where it is the shortest distance to the balcony .

Climb up gingerly, cannot look down, stretch legs over the railing. I’m back inside the living room.

Car Keys retrieved.

Better stow the ladder. But now I can’t lift it… an  adrenalin rush from the probability of missing our morning graduation made that possible minutes  before. so I  laboriously dragged it out of sight from the street. Opportunist burglars might be loitering and upstairs there are six external doors.

I gave my talk in my slightly less than pristine white outfit after which my legs went to jelly.


When I returned home a little fat blue-tongue lizard was sunning itself on my deck.

It ran to escape.

In through the open kitchen door  where it disappeared from sight under the fridge.

Then it wouldn’t come out.




We are not there! We are here


We were flying to Melaleuca and Bathurst Harbour.

Up early for a two hour drive to the airport.


Anticipating 8 hours of glorious sky and harbour views on a south west adventure day

A walk to spot the elusive green bellied parrot so close to extinction

morning tea and lunch included. Just bring water.


all subject to the weather.

The sky almost cloudless on our journey south.

driving through the breaking dawn  reveals another world,

that so loved by the romantic p0ets and painters two centuries ago

The edges of this undulating land, soft pastel hues . Trees dark sculptures edging the ever present hills. Sheep  outlined in silver from the low rays of the sun, a ghostly dew rising above the paddocks as if the land is shrugging off its night blanket.

A sweet pastorale.


The dream is suddenly shattered as the mobile phone message jars us into another expectation.

Our plans takes a sudden turn.

Flights from Cambridge to the South west cancelled because of a persistent fog making the flightpath invisible.

Somewhat subdued we cruised on slowly to the picturesque town of Richmond.

Our plans somewhat curtailed, we rather aimlessly strolled along the banks of the river Coal, muttering about the fickleness of all manmade plans.

Then the famous bridge came into view.

The river mirroring the convict built arches spanning the  banks.

A perfect double reflection.

Such an antidote to our collective disappointment.






Art play


brown paper, machine stitching, coloured pencils


I have been making simple shapes by folding the paper to create random shapes , edging

them by machine then colouring in with a textured backing board.

In photoshop or similar i pad apps, I  darken or lighten the image, crop it , enlarge or reduce it, invert it or frame it. It is always exciting to see the results.











am thinking of enlarging this and printing it on aluminium



waiting under a tree on a very hot day in the treasury gardens melbourne making bark man

Black Windows


I am really enjoying the new internal spaces created by changing the french doors for 3 big metre sliding doors onto the deck which now seems  double the size when it is opened up.

I am enjoying the old and the new combined

on forgetting

It is so long since I even opened my blog site I have completely forgotten how to  use the site but here goes

I have a book of passwords old and new  and they are never right even from one day to the next. Lucky all the people born after the invention of the 
internet; media savvy, typists extraordinaire and up to date with every newsystem. I still do  cut and paste manually with glue/clag,scissors,rulers ,squares, stanley knives and multiple photocopies when I create a photo collage. Then I photograph the final edit and drive down to my nearest commercial print service and order the image to be printed on aluminium or perspex or fabric.IMG_9520.jpg
But I haven't been idle as I have spent the last few weeks renovating or rather refurbishing  my home.
I have three distinct zones in my house  1880s, post ww1 and an extension  from the 1990s.
I have just had the weatherboard section  from 25 years ago painted a very deep brown with white windows and added a new 3 metre black aluminium window. The garden looks stunning in contrast to the dark walls.

now I shall try to publish this before I lose it all as often occurs